A great app for beginners and experts wanting to row. It's easy to use and looks great. I love being able to track my progress and challenge myself. Love this app.

Anna Hoade


Great for rowing beginners Has a range of training plans to use on a rowing machine. I’ve only just started using it but so far it looks to do what I want. And no ads so far!

Rosie Watson


I'm new to rowing and this has certainly made it easier for me to get started! The app is easy to use and looks great.

Ian Holden


Really useful for a first time rower.

Elliott Crush


Start Rowing will train you for the next stage in your fitness journey.

Choose a Plan

Choose from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced training plans.

Audio Coach

The Audio Coach will guide your through your rowing workout.


Choose your duration

Choose to work out over 2, 3 or 4 days a week to suit your needs.


Challenger Workouts

Fancy a bigger challenge? Try out our full body Challenger workouts. Incorporate body exericses with these session based rowing workouts.

Circuit Workouts

Mix body weight exercises into your workouts.

Always Changing

New workouts are regularly added so your workouts don't get stale.

Track your progress

Keep count of how many workouts you've completed. Never stop pushing for more.

Keep it varied

Each Challenger workout has a different focus; including Endurance, Strength Building, Fat Burning and Speed Training.

Audio Coach

Spoken cues to let you know how hard to row and when to rest.

Guided Workout

Intensity, Strokes Per Minute and Resting periods are all tracked to optimise your workouts.

Easy To Follow

We only show what matters so you can train without interruptions.